Well It’s the New Year

So…are you already spreading the new guilt? No… well I am, scratch that I was…I just finished a very healthy bowl of black beans and followed it with three crescent rolls and just before I had a fantastic cup of coffee with half and half and two teaspoons of sugar.

So much for losing twenty pounds this year, day one and I already crash landed. I stepped off the running block and landed flat on my face. I’m a failure. What’s the point making goals if I’m never going to keep them? Right? Wrong!!! Am I the only one with this ridiculous script in my head? Probably not, why is it so easy to play the negative record and accept it as truth when the positive one is just as true if not more.

Was my only goal for 2019 to lose twenty pounds? Nope. Here’s the complete list.

  1. Be compassionate to me,
  2. Be crazy in love with my husband,
  3. Lose twenty pounds,
  4. Write my book, and
  5. Love me!

Losing weight isn’t even number one on my list it’s number three. My number one is to be compassionate to me. What does that really entail? Well it means not beating myself up, but it also mean picking myself up and not giving up. It means not allowing failure to define me as a failure.

What if I defined myself by my failures? Well that also means in turn I would have to define myself by my successes. Today I apologized to my husband for a meaningless fight. I swallowed my pride, snuggled up, and apologized. There’s a success. I’m writing at this very moment which will ultimately play a part in my book and I love that I’m crazy enough to set that kind of goal. Guess what I’m hitting 80% of my goals and the year is not over. That’s huge!

Did you set goals for 2019? If yes I’d love to hear about them. If no, that’s perfectly fine but do you have goals? It’s good to have goals, you can set them anytime you want. Today may be the first day of 2019, but everyday you wake up is a great day to love yourself and start chasing those dreams.

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