Proclamation of Faith…It’s not what you think

Do not let my faith be a deterrent to reading my words. Yes I believe in God but there is more to me than that. I looked for my place in the world and realized there is not one place for me. I belong to the world. To my Christian Brothers and Sisters fear not I know I ultimately belong to God, but my gifts they are meant to be used in the world. To reach people where they are, to show them they are not alone. I’m not here to tell you that faith and prayer is all you need, but I will tell you it got me through a lot. What I will tell you is God created you and you are good. You need not believe in my God just know that you are a beautiful unique creation that deserves to shine brightly in a world that sometimes feel painfully dark.

You are blessed with gifts but I will not tell you your success is thanks to God. Why? Because it’s up to you to do the work. God blesses us with gifts and free will my friend.

This post is more for me but maybe it’ll be for you too. My story, love ,and compassion are not only for believers. It’s for the outcasts, the popular, the intellects, LGBT, purple, black, yellow, aquamarine, and white. Democrats, republicans, or libertarians. You need not fit any group or faith. If you receive what I’m saying then this is for you.

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