Own Your Shape!

Do you remember the old school fisher price bucket where you fit four different shapes into a triangle, circle, or square? Then there came the snazzy Tupperware shape sorter, this one you could fit at least six or eight different shapes into it, you could even fit a pentagon or star in there. Do you remember how either of these could be opened and dumped out, and you’d start all over again? Life has a way of doing that too. You work so hard to fit into the molds only to be dumped out and start all over again.

How did we go from a sweet memory of sitting on the floor in our diapers playing with these now vintage toys to life dumping us out? Earlier this week as I was shopping for crown moldings for the room I’m renovating and it hit me. For years I have been trying to cram myself into these prefab shapes. I’ve been molding myself to fit in only to be spat back out, or trying to force myself to fit in only to be on the outside dented and misshapen
I’ve been busy battling with these two toys in my life. The Tupperware ball looks much more accommodating, but my star shape is a bit battle worn and not as streamlined as it used to be. I figured with all it’s diversity I could make it in, I tried to open that ball and squeeze in, but the darn thing just slammed shut on me and now I have a dent in the middle. I go back to the simple fisher price sorter and realize I don’t even need to fit to get in I just pop open the lid and jump on in. Do you know what I found? Shapes, different than me, that were so excited to welcome me, there were even incredibly different shapes that found there way in just like me.
Here’s the thing…there’s not just one crowd, one job, one community out there for you. You don’t have to force yourself in, just be you, amazing, brilliant, maybe a little dented and dinged you. This all came rushing back to me as I was planning my week in my head. Have you heard of the #last90days challenge? It’s pretty darn awesome challenge. It’s where you treat the last 90 days of the year like you would the first 30 days. Working to be the best version of you. You choose your five to thrive, i.e. drink a gallon of water a day, move for thirty minutes, wakeup an hour earlier, give up a food group, and write down ten things a day you are grateful for. This is something that Rachel Hollis and her husband Dave have been doing the past few years.
Why bring this up? I was busy doing the shape sorter dance again. See the five to thrive isn’t set in stone, it’s a guideline. I realized I needed a slightly tweaked five to thrive. And that is ok. This isn’t a hopeless plug it’s just a real conversation, well one way right now, but take a moment today to talk to you, what do you want, what do you need, who do you want to be….and start today. Don’t do the shape sorter dance like I have been doing, do the I’m awesome dance and I’m busting this shape sorter open and sharing who I am with all of you! Own Your Shape!

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